COVID-19 Free advice for Kent businesses

In these challenging times, businesses are trying to adapt and survive, some are doing everything they can to keep to business as usual, while others are looking to new products and ways of working to carry them through. 

We want to help you  

If you are working to overcome a problem you are facing because of Covid-19, we will support you with free advice and guidance*.  Here are a few examples of the ways we have been able to help real businesses since the restrictions began:

  • New aspects of the business: helping food manufacturers understand food labelling so they can bring products to market themselves
  • Loss prevention/mitigation: advice on the safe freezing and re-labelling of food that would have otherwise spoiled.
  • New platforms: the switch from retail sales to online sales and from selling into the foodservice industry to selling by retail.
  • Diversification of product: advice on the rules and regulations of new and different products (hand sanitiser, PPE etc.) because supply has not been possible, or there has been no demand for the goods they have traditionally made/sold.
Kent businesses have proven to be adaptable and innovative and we want to play our part in helping local businesses thrive.  Each new way of working and each new product will have its own set of rules.

If you make a mistake because you don’t know something the cost of putting it right, both financially and reputationally, can be huge. We urge you to get in contact with us as early as possible so that we can help you to trade legally and fairly and protect your business. 

We can offer compliance advice on the following subjects:

  • Who can open during Covid-19 restrictions
  • Food standards (including labelling, composition and testing)
  • Product safety (including toys, electrical products, cosmetics, and personal protective equipment)
  • Animal health (including movements, sales and the import and export of live animals)
  • Animal feed (including pet foods)
  • Contract law
  • Accuracy of descriptions
  • Pricing and promotions
  • Weights and measures

Please write a brief description in the message area below and include your preferred method of contact. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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*Kent County Council would normally charge for business advice services but we have suspended our charges for any business working to overcome difficulties caused by Covid-19.  Full details of our charges can be found here